Acer Laptop Reboot Guide

Acer Laptop Reboot in 10 Easy Steps

If you having any software problems or trouble with your Acer Laptop, especially common problems such as your system running slow, programs freeze and become unresponsive, viruses or other similar issues then it may be time for you to wipe the hard drive inside your Acer Laptop and Reboot it back to it’s original state.

This means sending your computer back to it’s Factory Default like when you have it brand new.

This method will allow you to Reboot Acer Laptop without the need for any CDs!

PLEASE NOTE: This WILL DELETE ALL your Files, Pictures, Videos, Software etc from your Laptop, so please back up any files you need first onto an external hard drive, USB, memory stick if disc.


1) Ensure your Laptop is plugged into the main power source.

2) Turn On your Computer (if it’s already on, restart it)


Keep tapping the Left ‘Alt’ Key and the ‘F10′ Key on your Keyboard.

Keep tapping those keys together until a loading bar appears or your laptop starts to beep.

4) You may have an optional extra screen with a Black Background and White Writing, Press the Enter Key.

5) Your Laptop should have a Loading Bar at the Bottom, this may take a few minutes to load.

6) Once loaded, the Acer eRevovery menu will be shown – Hooray!

Follow the instructions on screen, selecting Next and Ok to Confirm that you wish to wipe your laptop.


Acer Reboot Wipe Menu

Acer Reboot Wipe Menu


7) It may now ask for a password if you set one. The Acer Default is 00000000 (8 Zero’s), unless you specifically changed this in the Recovery Menu already when you first had your laptop.

8) When you’ve completed the Menu Options, a small box will show, with a Loading Bar and Timer.

This can take anywhere between 10 Minutes to 2-3 Hours, so go do something fun!

9) Once finished, your Computer may automatically restart or show a dialog box saying ‘Restore Finished’ or ‘Restore Finished Sucessfully’ etc. Let it Restart.

10) When your Computer Restarts up, it will start Loading back on your Software and Operating System, e.g Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, whichever one it was running originally.

Again, this can take up to 2 hours! – So go kill some time.

Once completed, your Laptop will Restart again. This time it will load back up as it did the first time you had the laptop, asking for your Country, Time, Date, Username, New Password (optional).


What Then?

You will need to Update your wiped laptop with Windows Updates, Anti Virus/Firewall Software and any additional Drivers you may need for Graphics Cards, as these now only have the basic Drivers installed.

LaptopWipe.Com Recommends using Comodo Internet Security which is Free to use Anti Virus and Firewall Protection, simply Google it and Download!

We hope that this method has sorted out your problem.


Video Guide

If you would prefer this Guide in a Video Walkthrough for use on a Mobile DeviceĀ Click Here for Acer Laptop Reboot Guide

8 comments on “Acer Laptop Reboot Guide
  1. fermier says:

    I found that creating a backup image (this is unrelated to what is described here) is prevented by the Comodo Internet Security. Every time I went to make a backup, it would fail. I wondered if the CIS could be the problem, and so tried disabling it. Same problem. Then I decided to completely remove it….and had success with backup.. Just for scientific I then reinstalled the CIS and tried backup again. Failed.

  2. Catherine says:

    After I get passed the optional window that has the black screen with white writing on #4, it shows me a window that says “Error: RCD.dat does not existed.” and when i press “OK” it just starts my windows normally. What does this mean and how to I fix it?

    • admin says:

      RCD.dat sounds like the Recovery Drive (the bit where all the data is stored to reboot your laptop/pc) and it’s seems as though it is missing or has been deleted.

      I’m sorry to say but without this you are going to need to get the Reboot Discs -
      Normally you are prompted to create a set of recovery discs when you first brought your laptop, if not then you will need to try and get a set from a friend or relative who may have the same laptop, or buy them from Acer or another source for your specific laptop model.

      What is your Acer Model by the way?

  3. Hayley says:

    I’m in desperate need of this but no matter how long I hit the Alt and F10 keys, nothing pops up. Help!!!

  4. Christians says:

    I get to the Acer erecovery management window but all it says is please wait a moment it seems as if it is on an infinite loop

  5. Mai says:

    I have an ACER Aspire M5-481PT and it’s menu of rebooting is different from the image. I need help to restart my computer and the problem is it keeps saying that I am unable to reset my laptop because a required drive partition is missing.
    In the beginning it tells me the Boot Configuration Data file doesn’t contain valid information for an operation system. The
    error code is: 0xc0000098 of the file: \BCD. When I go to the troubleshoot menu, I have various options of refreshing, resetting, system restore, image recovery, Auto repair, and Command Prompt, however, it tells me that the drive where Windows is installed is locked. I don’t really understand and later on in other options that a required drive partition is missing.
    I have the at&t backup CD but no matter how many times I insert it in, nothing pops up or happens.

  6. nathan says:

    When I press the 2 keys f10 and the left alt . it doesn’t bring the menu up for me help?!?!?!

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